What makes Queer Ideas/ Queer Action unique is the fact that it understands that there must be a direct connection between how we think about LGBT issues and what we do with those thoughts in the actual world. To pretend that creative thinking and action – the mind and the body – are not, and should not be, connected is a fallacy that has hurt both LGBT academic writing as well as activism.

—Series Editor Michael Bronski

Reaching out to a wide range of public intellectuals, journalists, activists, and academics Queer Ideas/ Queer Action aims to present a wide range of provocative, stimulating, and exciting titles that push the boundaries of contemporary LGBT public discussion. “George Orwell once said” notes Bronski, “that people write the books they can’t find on library shelves. One of my main criteria in choosing titles is to think of books that I want to read that have yet to be written. There is an enormous amount of creative, original, and truly life-changing thought in the LGBT community – as well as readers eager for these ideas – all we have to do is publish it.”

How Formal and Informal Contracts Shape All Kinds of FamiliesRead about Love’s Promises, the next title in the Queer Ideas / Queer Action series, coming in May of 2015. And find out more about A Queer History of the United States by series editor Michael Bronski, a book that Publisher’s Weekly called “as intellectually rigorous as it is entertaining.”