About the Editor

Michael Bronski

Michael Bronski, editor, has been a gay activist, writer, and cultural critic since 1969. An original founding member of Fag Rag (1970) and Boston Gay Review (1975), he was also the principal arts writer for the Gay Community News (the first national LGBT weekly) from 1975-1995.

Bronski is the author of A Queer History of the United States (Beacon Press, 2011), a book Martin Duberman praised as, "a thoroughly accessible and reliable account that is as deeply informative as it is pleasurable to read." He was the programmer for OutWrite: The National LGBT Literary Conference from 1992-1998. He is the author of the first systemic analysis of gay culture, the 1985 Culture Clash: The Making of Gay Sensibility (South End Press), The Pleasure Principle: Sex, Backlash and the Struggle for Gay Freedom (St. Martin’s Press, 1998), and Pulp Friction: Uncovering the Golden Age of Gay Male Pulps (St. Martin’s Press, 2003). He has also edited two anthologies of gay male writing, as well as being the editor-in-chief of two collections of LGBT biographies, and has published essays in over forty anthologies.

Along with winning two Lambda Literary Awards, he is the recipient of the 1999 The Martin Duberman Fellowship for scholarly research in GLBT studies, awarded by the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies, City University of New York, and the prestigious 1999 Stonewall Award, presented by the Anderson Prize Foundation. Bronski has won community recognition awards from Boston’s AIDS Action committee and the Cambridge Lavender Alliance, and the 2004 Leadership Award from the D-GALA (Dartmouth Gay and Lesbian Alumni Association and the 2008 Distinguished Lecturer Award form Dartmouth College. He is Senior Lecturer in Women’s and Gender Studies and Jewish Studies at Dartmouth College.