Blends memoir and legal cases to show how contracts can create family relationships

Love’s Promises delves into the legal cases, anecdotes, and history of family law to show that love comes in different packages—each shaped by different contracts—which family law should and sometimes does recognize.

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God vs. Gay? argues that the “God versus gay” divide is a pernicious myth and that religious people favor gay people because of religion, not despite it.

“‘The irony of God versus Gay is that actually Gay and God go together. Opening to one leads to the other.’ So writes Jay Michaelson in the postscript to this beautiful, soulful book. Michaelson charts a journey from rejection to full acceptance, from religious alienation to spiritual wholeness that will brings the reader closer to the Divine. It did for me and it will for anyone who has felt abandoned by their faith and rejected for who they are. This is a healing book that yearns to be read.” —Sharon Groves, Director, Religion and Faith Program, Human Rights Campaign Foundation

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Book Cover for Family Pride 

Gaga Feminism is a roadmap to sex and gender for the twenty-first century, using Lady Gaga as a symbol for a new kind of feminism.

“Jack Halberstam—the king of feminism—has managed to make sense of pregnant men, Lady Gaga, gay marriage, and the advent of the bromance in this provocative and pleasurable romp through contemporary gender politics. Gaga Feminism is as fun as it is illuminating.” —Ariel Levy, author of Female Chauvinist Pigs and staff writer at the New Yorker

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Book Cover for Queer Injustice 

Queer (In)Justice is a groundbreaking work that turns a “queer eye” on the criminal legal system.

“If you think the struggle for LGBT equality is only about marriage and the military, Queer (In)Justice will be a revelation. In lucid prose, it tells stories of criminalization, victimization, and discrimination, while illuminating strategies for progressive change. A must-read for anyone who cares about justice.” —Ruthann Robson, author of Lesbian (Out)Law

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By Queer Ideas/Queer Action Series Editor Michael Bronski

The first book to cover the entirety of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender history, from pre-1492 to the present.

“Bronski demonstrates with wit, insight, and impeccable scholarship that queer lives are, and always have been, woven into the very fabric of this country. Readable, radical, and smart-a must read.” —Alison Bechdel, author of Fun Home

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Book Cover for From the Closet to the Courtroom 

From the Closet to the Courtroom is an engaging and largely untold–how five landmark lawsuits have altered LGBT history.

“Ball revels in a handful of important legal victories, while also delving deeply into the personal stories of each case, resulting in a richly textured account that is part history book, part colorful reportage.” —Beth Greenfield, Time Out New York

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Book Cover for Beyond Straight and Gay Marriage 

Beyond (Straight and Gay) Marriage is a persuasive argument for why married couples, gay or straight, should not receive special rights denied to other families.

“Passionate but completely grounded in reality, Polikoff challenges LGBT rights advocates to see beyond gay equality arguments and question the fundamental fairness of limiting family recognition based on marriage, gay or straight. It is a powerful call for social justice.” —Nan D. Hunter, founder of the American Civil Liberties Union Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Project

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